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Wintermute, 2011
In 2010 I started developing an aesthetic space called Wintermute; this space functions as a ‘world’ built for the articulation of a critical, ‘parafictional’ mythology. The ongoing project involves many disparate elements that contribute to an evolving narrative. Wintermute references an artificial intelligence character in the novel ‘Neuromancer’ written by William Gibson in 1983. During the early 80’s aspects of social and technological attention were shifting toward the immaterial; the introduction of the Macintosh and the GUI happened in 1984. Wintermute alludes to this moment, as the work examines a shift from a geometrical conception of space as infinite depth to a conception of space as an infinite flow of data.

The iteration above is located in the COOP gallery in Nashville, TN.
Diamond, 2011 [ Wood, Custom Software & Electronics, Thread ]

The 'Diamond' was initially developed as a 3D object using custom software (p5) and then reproduced in wood using a CNC Mill. In virtual space this diamond exists as an immaterial object that is linked to a flow of Internet data during a 'growth' period. The physical object is pierced at each of its vertices by metallic needles with black thread linking each needle along the edges, as they would be defined virtually. The piece sits on a pedestal that flickers with LED's responding to the same data attached to the virtual object.