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Drone Shadow: Prototype (work in progress), 2015~ [collaboration with Joseph Delappe]
Custom Electronics, Mcor 3D printed paper drones, Hardware

This is a collaborative project with Joseph Delappe to create a large-scale installation that maps, via sculptural and electronic components, the history of ongoing US drone strikes in the North Waziristan region of Pakistan. The work shown here includes 25 3d printed paper reproductions of MQ9 Predator Drones, arranged in a pattern of documented drone strikes around the town of Mir Ali.

This is a prototype for a much larger installation that, when completed, will feature over 405 paper drones – one each representing every documented drone strike in Pakistan. The drones will be arranged to create a map of drone strikes – each drone is individually lit by an addressable LED light which will go off in a staccato pattern – in the final installation the staccato pattern will be interrupted over time by individual drones strikes being highlighted in red and the incorporation of an LED panel on the wall that will note the location, date and number of people killed. This prototype installation was installed in the paint booth of the Pier 9 Workshop at Autodesk Inc. as part of the Artist in Residence exhibition, January, 2015.